Grease from grills, fryers, ovens, and griddles, is extracted by the kitchen exhaust hood, taken through the vent filters, and expelled via ductwork that leads to an exhaust fan, often on the roof.

Grease and grease vapors can ignite and a simple spark can spread fire quickly throughout the system, causing severe damage and danger for people and property. Grease can also support germs and bugs detrimental to public health.


If it is your restaurant, you are responsible for ensuring that your exhaust system is safe. Florida ISC’s professional commercial cleaning services ensure your kitchen is always compliant with NFPA regulations. We can help you now.


Our commercial kitchen cleaning services


Florida ISC will clean the hood, access panels, vents, duct work, fans and roof grease – everything that is required to create a safe and healthy food preparation environment. Specifically we offer:

  • Hood Cleaning
  • Fan
  • Filters
  • Plenum
  • All accessible duct work
    • We polish all stainless steel on the hood and the wall above the equipment line
    • We provide an Inspection Report after each cleaning detailing any problems with the system
    • We provide fire code compliant hood stickers denoting service date and next service due
    • We leave your kitchen ready for business after each cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Kitchen cleaning services
  • Duct cleaning
  • Vent cleaning
  • Exhaust cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning


Cleaning your exhaust system regularly is mandated by law. We place a fire code compliant sticker on your clean kitchen hoods indicating date of service and next service due, so health and fire officials know your facility is compliant with NFPA regulations.


How we work – Fast and Effective- a clear value for money

1. In discussion with you, we agree a checklist of work.

2. We cover all your equipment and surfaces to prevent any damage.

3. We scrape to bare metal and apply our biodegradable chemical cleaner.

4. We repeat for hoods, ducts, vents, and fans as agreed.

5. We high-pressure rinse and clean up all water and debris.

6. We clean up thoroughly after service, leaving you ready for business.

7. We guarantee all our work to your satisfaction.

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